Aluminum overhead rail

Tecsal designs and manufactures both aluminum monotech overhead rails and stainless steel rails. These overhead rail systems can be used in several food processing industries along the whole production cycle, from the raw materials receiving to the finished products dispatch, allowing to gain a lot of advantages as:

- significantly increase of productivity and efficiency reducing manual operations, speeding up the handling in different stages of process and maximizing the use of available production areas;                                                                                                                                - meet the highest standards in international safety and hygiene requirements.

Each system is custom designed and dimensioned by our engineering in relation to the product specificity, the facility features and customers’ needs; everything is entirely built in our workshops in order to always guarantee our unique know-how and technology acquired over 30 years of experience. Our offer also includes installation and maintenance services all around the world, directly made by our own technicians so as to ensure the best functioning and efficiency of all our systems.


Tecsal always offers innovative solutions to ensure along the process the highest functionality and safety in transport and storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products as accessories and auxiliary equipments as well (e.g. moulds, boxes). 

In details, our company is a leading manufacturer of frames for cured hams (as Parma, San Daniele, Iberico, Serrano, Pata Negra type), cooked or smoked hams, salami, sausages, meat and fish products, for rail systems use or simple floor handling (trolley racks). 

Among other peculiarities, a custom made production of frames with different features and dimensions, plastic shelves made from dedicated moulds, so as to give our customers the best possible solution for their needs.



Sliding unit for moving any type of frame and rack over profile made of aluminium or stainless steel. Consisting of 1 to 4 axles depending on the load, with nylon wheels diam. 60/75/90.


The diverter is a semi-automatic device that allows continuous passage to be given to the overhead conveyor when there is a break in the route such as doors and ovens.

                          Diverter for swinging doors

Deviatore porte battente.png

                             Diverter for sliding doors

Deviatore porte scorrevoli.png


Pneumatic and hydraulic lowerators for product loading/unloading operations. 


MACH is the next-generation system developed by Tecsal for the automatic transport of frames along conveyor systems. The whole handling is managed by touch-screen configurable terminals through which it’s possible to easily set up all the operating parameters (speed, time, stopping space...) according to the specifications of each system and the particular stage of the process; a mimic external monitor also allows a real-time control of all the operations. MACH is extremely versatile and it can also be installed on existing systems as be reset at any moment as well, adapting without problems to new operating conditions and needs. Compared to the traditional systems, MACH presents many advantages: it drastically reduces the manual operations, it guarantees a fast, safe and efficient handling in any environment and conditions, an advanced process management, low operating costs and greatest productivity index.  The results stand out even more in "hostile" environment (such as salting, refrigerating, freezing cells) and anywhere there is a need for continuous and quick heavy loads handling, also for long distances and large spaces, as using MACH all these difficult manual operations are no longer necessary.  




Tecsal has developed a system for progressive and automatic frames advancement according to particular production flows and processing stages. 

The functioning, which can be either hydraulic or pneumatic, is based on the accompanying move carried out by mechanical "porters" along the sliding axis of trolleys on the rail system. 

This allows the frames to follow preset paths within rooms, greatly reducing the manual intervention of operators who do not have to move frames through the whole process in this way. 

If necessary, the system can be adapted to service stations (f.e. washing machines, loading robots, elevators) in which a systematic control of operations is required.



Tecsal manufactures a wide range of accessories that meet different processing, handling and storage needs of food industry.                                          - trolley steel tanks , trolley steel cases; 
 - steel and aluminum hooks and hanging sticks.